Fr John Reed

Habemus Vicarius

Announcement made by Churchwarden Rick Walker at morning service on Sunday 9th July, 2017

We are delighted to be able to announce that we have accepted the recommendation of our Patron and the Bishop of Liverpool, and agreed to the appointment of a Priest in Charge for the Joint Benefice of St Faith's and St Mary’s.

As you are aware, the process for selecting a new parish priest is long and wearisome, and in fact it is nearly two years since Sue Lucas announced that she would be leaving us, and the process started.

However, after much thought and prayer, the post has been offered to and accepted by Fr John Reed, who is currently Associate Rector (Team Vicar) of the Lowton and Golborne Team. Prior to that he was Priest in Charge of one of those parishes - that of St Thomas’s Golborne.

Fr John has considerable wide and varied experience, having worked initially in the Church Army and since ordination in churches of differing traditions. He will fit well into the styles of worship in the United Benefice.

He has worked especially with children’s projects, and in currently an Assistant Cub Leader. Importantly also, he has dealt with the problems of developing kitchen facilities at the back of his present church!

He is musical and has great pastoral strengths. With a gentle personality, he is a good listener and is full of ideas.  We are sure that he will give us the lead that we need to move the United Benefice forward.

We look forward to welcoming Fr John, his wife Ruth and their grown up family to St Faith's and St Mary’s in a few months’ time on a date yet to be decided. This will give both him and us plenty of time to prepare for the start of what we are sure will be a happy and joyous time for everyone.

In his statement regarding the appointment, our Archdeacon, Pete Spiers, gives his commendation, adding that John believes strongly in releasing the gifts of all God’s people and listening to the community to discover their needs and concerns so that the church can minister more effectively. Pete confirms that the interview panel had a strong sense that God was calling John to this role.

Watch this space, the parish magazine and our facebook page for more details over the coming months, and share with us the anticipation of working and worshipping alongside our new priest, Fr John Reed.

9 July, 2017

News for the Pews

The Revd John William Reed was born in 1957. After graduating from Sussex University in 1979, he trained for the priesthood on the Northern Ordination Course in 1995 and was priested in 1998. He served as Curate in Padgate, then at St Margaret's Orford, Warrington before becoming vicar at the latter between 2001 and 2008.

From 2008-2013 he was Priest in Charge at St Thomas, Golborne, Wigan, becoming team vicar when the Lowton and Golborne group of churches was formed in 2013.

Information courtesy of Crockford's Clerical Directory, as supplied by Fr Dennis, who also highlighted the many links with St Faith's worth noting. Fr Dennis Smith trained there from 1974-1977, followed a good many years later by Revs. Michael Finlay, Peter Roberts, George Gilford, Denise McDougall and Martin Jones, all priests whose vocations were nurtured at St Faith's. Mike Finlay was a curate at Padgate and was vicar of St Margaret's Orford, where Graham Atherton, one-time organist at St Faith's, also served his title. It's a small world.

12 July 2017

More News for the Pews

Fr John has been in touch and supplied the photograph above, and also the text below, which tells the story of his Church Army ministry and uncovers another connection with St  Faith's and the Horsfall benefactions.

The hidden ministry years of Crockford's and links with St. Faith's.

 After three years training in the church Army college in Blackheath, I was admitted to the office of Evangelist and Commissioned in the Church Army.  The admitting was done by Archbishop Robert Runcie in Southwark Cathedral on the 10th of June 1982.  Soon after I began my first post in Liverpool diocese at St. Margaret Toxteth; a Robert Horsfall Church and the first high church in Liverpool.  The incumbent was Fr. Colin Oxenforth, who too began at St. Faith's.

Ruth and I were married in 1984 after she finished her Church Army Training; In 1987 we moved to the Good Shepherd West Derby.  Our two children Alan and Emma were born during these years.  In 1996 we moved to Padgate, when I was already training on the Northern Ordination Course.

John Reed

19th July, 2017