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612 January 26th, 2017
Groping for an answer?

611 January 23rd, 2018
Wholly holy holey!

610 January 15th, 2018
Wherever could this be?

Thanks to Fr John Reed (whose sermons are short and sweet!)

609  December 23rd, 2017
Dead silent?

608 14th November, 2017
One Foot in the Grave

Bert and Alf were at the funeral of an old friend.
They stood in deep thought by the open grave.
'How old were he then?' asked Bert.
'I reckon he were 89', says Alf. 'How old be you then, Bert?'
'I be 88', came the reply. 'Ow about you then?'
'Me? Reckon I be 87 next month.'
There was a thoughtful pause, before they spoke as one:

'Hardly worth going home, I reckon.'


607 21st October, 2017

The Lion's Share?

Private Eye

October 1st, 2017
If at first you don’t succeed . . . .

 A vicar of several rural parishes was driving back to his vicarage after a PCC meeting one night. It was very dark and he was feeling tired.

As he rounded a bend on the winding country lane he suddenly saw a cyclist right in front of him. He slammed on the brakes and hauled the steering wheel over to the right. The cyclist was understandably shocked by this sudden threat, as the car missed him by inches. He swerved to the left, hit an embankment and fell off.

The vicar jumped out of the car to check that the cyclist was alright. The cyclist picked himself up, dusted himself down and declared himself to be unhurt. However, it was too dark to properly tell the state of the bike.

The vicar promised to pay for the cost of any damage and gave the cyclist one of his visiting cards, which had his name and phone number on it. When the cyclist got home he looked at the card and was somewhat perturbed when he read,

‘Sorry to have missed you. I will try again tomorrow.’

With thanks to 'Focus', St Mary's, Davyhulme magazine

605  September 22nd, 2017
   Tuba Mirum

Private Eye

604  September 19th, 2017

Would you Adam and Eve it...

603 August 26th, 2017
Perils of the Pulpit


The Revd Steve Morris, a London priest, warn new clergy to manage their expectations. 
After one of his very first services, a parishioner came up to ask if he wrote his sermons down and if he could have a copy. 
He wrote in ‘Christian Today’ that he felt a “flurry of pride” and wondered if the man wanted to keep it for posterity or to go over its message again. 
The worshipper replied, “No, Steve.  I fell asleep as you started speaking and only woke up when you said ‘Amen’.”

Thanks to David Jones and today's Times Diary

602 August 8th, 2017
Clerical Clashes

601 August 7th, 2017

Bear with him!

With thanks to Private Eye and Denis Griffiths

600  24th July, 2017

Loss of Faculties

To mark the 600th posting, this splendid cartoon is resurrected, without apology.
The editor fondly remembers  an archdeacon making similar noises over a less dramatic breach
 of ecclesiastical standing orders many years ago at St Faith's. 
 The phrase 'strictly speaking' is wonderfully C of E ...


599  11th July, 2017
Blind Date?

This cartoon has been lost in cyberspace!
Private Eye

598  June 30th, 2017

Eau de Toilette?

597 June 25th, 2017

Chairwoman Jackie?

To mark the ordination of Jackie Parry, 25th June, 2017

596 22nd June, 2017
Allergy in a Country Churchyard

With thanks to Private Eye

595 June 12th, 2017
'Holey, Holey. Holey?  Lord God Almighty!'

594 May 24th, 2017
'Matchstick boys and girls' - R.I.P.

593  May 12th, 2017
Thou Shalt Not Leak

592 April 22nd, 2017
Fire Down Below

'You're very impressed with our new underfloor heating?
We haven't got underfloor heating!'

591 April 15th, 2017
Jesus is Coming!

'Keen not to be late for his own resurrection,
Duncan Rennie hurtles on a scooter to a rehearsal
of the Edinburgh Easter Play in which he plays Jesus'
(Daily Telegraph front page photo on Easter Eve!)

590  April 5th, 2017

Trust Trouble

589 April 2nd, 2017
For Better, for Worse

588 24th March, 2017
Filling the Vacuum

586 16th February, 2017

By hook or by Crook